Welcome The Fur Ball – Essentials For Pets

Your child comes to you one day wanting to have a pet badly. Or, the school might have organized a pet day and you don’t raise an animal at home. These domestic animals are a lovely addition to your family. They keep you engaged and happy, it’s a huge responsibility. Therefore, before taking a big decision, you should talk to your child or children. Start with some research with your child and understand your role as the owner. Think of your child’s ability to take care of it, as well as you’re ability too. Other factors to be considered include time, investment, any sicknesses such as allergies, etc. After all you shouldn’t put yours or your family’s health at risk.

As a fact, think about it and research the type of pet you’re planning to buy. Before buying it, you need to get certain things sorted out. Especially, this includes essentials and supplies. If you’re not sure about it, consult the animal store. You could buy these supplies from pet shops, stores or even online shops. Given that, take a look at the following list, as it would be helpful:

•    Most essential supplies

Apart from other accessories, you would have to buy the following must have supplies, before buying it. The type of essentials will differ based on the animal you plan to buy. These include the following;
    Bowls (food and water)
    Bird cage, sleep basket or cheap & best dog boxes
    Pet food supplies (e.g. cat, bird, dog, fish, etc.)
    Collar
    Leash for a dog

•    Few grooming items

Not all pets require grooming such as a bird, turtle, etc. Therefore, dependingon the type of animal you wish to buy, consider the following;
    Comb or brush
    Shampoos for pets
    Claws trimmers
    Medical ointments and sprays

•    Other supplies and accessories

You might want to go outdoors on a picnic with your family or yourself. Therefore, you need to prepare other accessories and essentials as well. As a fact, you could have a stress free travel and enjoy;
    Pet friendly toys
    Dog box or carrier bag
    Travel first aid kit for animals
    Food bowl, blankets, etc.

The decision of planning to buy a pet is a huge responsibility that you should think wisely. You shouldn’t buy a domestic animal simply because your child tantrums. As a fact, do your research along with your child and advice them. Understand the responsibilities ahead of them, with enough of time to adjust to the change.

Writen by Rose Archdall