Common Mistakes First Time Yacht Buyers Make

Buying your own yacht for the first time can be exciting, not forgetting the huge investment you have to make. Since it ties up such a lot of funding, the decision of which one you’d buy should be taken wisely. So here are some of the most common mistakes done by first timers.

1.    Not knowing your need
You should keep in mind that the type of vessel you purchase will depend on your requirement. There is a clear-cut difference in racing and water sports and also sailing, fishing and other relaxing entertainment. You might end up buying an engine with too much horse power when you will only use they yacht for relaxation or you might buy a vessel with too little power and not adequate for water sports.  Thos would also affect your price drastically.

2.    Not getting necessary authorization
In any country where marine activities are popular, there is a national body governing the certification of yachts and other boats around the country. Failing to ensure that your yacht is not actually certified can cause dangerous situations since there is no guarantee of its quality. Certified yachts guarantee adherence to safety measures and standard. Legal action could be taken against you if you own an un-certified vessel.

3.    Failure to shop around
There is no competition you need to win when buying a yacht. Take your time, check out prices of many yachts, compare your options and then select the best. Hurrying your purchase will do no good and you might miss out on a better offer. So, wait till favorable market conditions so that prices would drop and you could save some cash out of your boat loans Brisbane, get more info.

4.    Failure to budget
Bad credit boat loans can be your worst nightmare. Since obviously this is a huge investment, you need to be mindful about the credit terms put forward by banks and other financial institutions. What you should know is that the real burden of costs is storage and maintenance costs and not the initial purchase price. So make sure you prepare yourself for those as well. Also since yachts depreciate very quickly during the first few years, the bank will keep an initial deposit of at least 20% so be on the safe side, to know more about equipment finance Sunshine Coast, know more at

5.    Skipping the test ride
Your new yacht may look good at the showroom but will it be the same on water? The test ride is a must since rather than design, you should be more focused on ease of handling, proper allocation of amenities, logical setup etc. You could also spot any damages or wear and tear so that you can make sure your yacht is in good shape.

Writen by Rose Archdall