What Is A Knife Valves? What Are Its Functions?

I met my school friends at a reunion party for a long time. Hence, everyone was doing different types of jobs and business. One of my friends was doing a job in the manufacturer company of knife valves. It is quite a new term for me. So, I thought to tell you something about it as it is very interesting. I am sure you will love it. Hence, let us start with what it is?

What is a knife valve?




In industries. The knife valves has been used for many years. However, the knife gate valves plays an important role with the thick and viscous fluid. It is mainly used for the on and off the system. However, it has a sharp blade that is useful in the corrosion process. Its blade is made with acid-proof stainless steel that does not get damaged soon. Hence, the knife valves used where the thick liquid is deal like the pulp, paper, water treatment, and many more. Hence, many industries prefer to use the knife gate valves.

What is the function of this valve?

However, the knife gate valves, this name is given because of its functionality. It can cut any hard material that is present in the media. Hence, a knife valves is used in the places where the straight and minimum amount of water restriction is needed.

The working of the valve:

The knife gate valves is mainly designed to deal with the viscous material like oil, grease, wastewater, and also with paper pulp. It allows the liquid to flow from it easily. The knife valves also does not cause any interruption. They work like chopping when the liquid passes through it. In this way, the working of the knife valves becomes easy. The knife gate valves comes in a huge variety because it is used in many processes including the process of the plants. Moreover, there are different sizes of the valve.

Why many industrialists prefer it?

However, the knife valves is perfect for many reasons. It is less costly and light in weight. Moreover, it is easy to control the valve so the working becomes fast. In this way, many industries prefer the knife gate valves for different processes.Hence, the main aim to design the knife valves is, it can cut the hard material when the viscous liquid passes through it. So, the knife gate valves becomes useful in various aspects.


In a nutshell, the knife valves is an important thing for industries that deal with viscous material or liquid. The designs of the knife gate valves made it different from others and cheap in prices, everyone can afford it.